About the wardrobe

The Wardrobe is a curated boutique offering women’s consignment, with new arrivals every week. Offering preloved affordable fashion, from high-quality high street finds, to high end designer bargains, including jewellery, handbags and accessories, The Wardrobe is passionate about sustainable, eco-friendly, slow fashion.

With a global spotlight on the environmental impact of fast fashion and the urgent need to reduce landfill waste, The Wardrobe’s concept provides people with an outlet to make cash out of regular wardrobe cleanses. For some it’s a circular economy whereby they shop in store with their account proceeds. For others it’s the challenge of de-cluttering combined with the thrill of receiving a cheque. And for others it helps address needs like paying bills and funding necessary family purchases.

We all have that something we’d want to borrow from our best friend’s wardrobe, or that dress we pined after from Zara last year but missed out on. What about getting rid of those shoes you never wear so that you can buy the nearly new designer pair you’ve got your eye on. What better way to do this while investing in your neighbour and supporting your community….That’s the thinking behind The Wardrobe.