How To Sell With Us

  • You bring us your gently-worn, like-new condition items. We prefer items clean and pressed so they are not wrinkled and which allows us to see all of your items in an organised way.

    Your items will always be looked at enthusiastically and always without judgement. Our consignors are the life of our business – and you and your garments will always be treated as such.

  • We will take whatever we feel we have the right audience for. It is never about personal style, but about the community of ladies that we serve. Basically, if we think it will sell, it joins our inventory.

  • You will read and sign our consignor contract. We will then consign your clothes for 60 days. If after 45 days your items have not sold we can reduce the price of the item up to 25%.

  • At the end of 60 days, you may pick up any unsold items or leave them with us to be donated. We donate unsold clothing to several area charities. Any other items that can’t sell are taken to textile recycling, thus avoiding the landfill.

  • You will receive an email to let you know when your items are going on the floor to be sold and the price. The email will also provide you with the expiration date on it. It is the responsibility of the consignee to contact the store on or before the expiration date to let us know that you would like to retrieve your items. We request you give us 48 hours notice to have all of your items ready for you before pickup. Items left after 60 days become property of The Wardrobe.

  • When all your items are sold or after 60 days you will receive your payout. You can can choose from three options.

    1. Store Credit: Choosing store credit means that you will get 50% of the selling price of each item sold. This credit is available immediately and is a great way to buy some fabulous preloved items for your wardrobe.
    2. Bank transfer: Choosing to be paid directly into your bank means that you get 40% of the selling price of each item sold. This will be paid at the end of the 60 days.
    3. Give to charity: This means we will donate your 40% of the selling price of each item to our local charity of the month.

    * Commission rate negotiable for designer items